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Due to the lack of a domestic radar detection technology, South Korea has been using many radar systems from abroad such as drone detection radars from RADA in Israel and Blighter in the U.K, according to

However, a research team from the Collaborative Robots Research Center in DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) in South Korea has recently developed a radar system that can detect, track and identify subminiature drones that are 3km away.

Senior researcher Daegun Oh’s team has continuously been working on the development of a drone detection radar system based on a super-resolution algorithm using only Korean technology. At first, the radar system could detect drones 200m away for the first time in 2016. Through continuous research, they successfully developed a world-class radar system that can detect subminiature phantom drones flying in the sky over 3km.

The radar system will operate between 12GHz and 18GHz, and applied super-resolution radar signal processing technology will locate drones accurately by applying an AESA radar technology to increase the maximum detection distance of the radar. Furthermore, the radar system can identify and detect drones more clearly in real-time by integrating GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) -based drone cognition technology, which has been drawing attention as next generation deep learning algorithm.

Hardware components such as the transmission antenna, receiving unit, receiving antenna, and signal processing platform inside the radar detection system were developed 100% jointly with Korean companies.

The research team is currently discussing the issue of drone detection radar technology transfer to Korean and overseas defense industries.