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A new anti-drone weapon has been recently showcased by Russia-based ZALA AERO group. Anti-drone gun REX-2 is a new version of the well-known anti-drone weapon REX-1.

The REX-1 is a compact non-lethal weapon against drones that suppresses SNS signal (GPS/GLONASS) and control channel between drone and its operator within a 2 km range, according to the company’s website.

The new version is even lighter: its dimensions were decreased, its weight now is 3 kg. The basic configuration contains three suppression modules (2,4 GHz, 5,8 GHz, SNS). SNS suppression module is built in the REX-2 body.  There is also indication of the battery that makes it easier to control the battery charge.

The suppression frequencies may be adjusted according to customer’s requirements. Video recorder, strobe, laser and aiming device are available as an option.

REX-2 completed laboratory tests and approved to be safe for a human operator. The electromagnetic radiation rate is within permissible values, according to