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With the Navy being one of the most intense and challenging fields in the military, it is important for them to have some of the best and most innovative technology the world has to offer. Warships are commonly regarded as some of the most advanced and high-tech pieces of military warfare. The U.S. Navy is going to introduce a very futuristic warship much similar to the current class of USS Zumwalt stealth destroyers within the next couple of years. The Large Surface Combatant (LSC) will retain many of the same features of the Zumwalt Class Destroyer and looks as the DDG-1000.
The Zumwalts have been more expensive to manufacture than ever imagined; ringing in at about $7.5 billion per ship. The Navy was originally going to buy 28 ships, but that quickly changed to just three. This is mainly because the ship’s Advanced Gun System. “The slow development of the Advanced Gun System was holding back the Zumwalt,” as stated by The Navy also felt they were not getting what they asked for, especially at the price they were paying for these advanced gun systems. 

The Large Surface Combatants (LSC) will be loaded with two 155-millimeter Advanced Gun Systems, two 30-millimeter guns, 80 vertical launch missile silos, and two MH-60R helicopters, according to Coincidentally, the new Large Surface Combatant has yet been identified to be as a cruiser or destroyer. 

The tumblehome hull is getting reintroduced to the new class of Zumwalts. The tumblehome hull implies that the ship’s hull is narrower with a higher distance above the water- line. This makes for a more stable and accurate platform to shoot off of which is most likely why it is being reestablished. 

The LSC will eventually take over the job of Ticonderogas, who’s job is to be the main air defense platform defending the Navy’s eleven aircraft carriers. The Ticonderogas are armed with many forms of aerial defense, but with other nations having their weaponry being constantly developed and improved, it is just simply not enough. The LSC looks like it will be a better option for aerial defense in the near future.