Researchers Develop Compact Explosives Detector

Researchers Develop Compact Explosives Detector

compact explosives detector

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Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology have managed to develop a portable and compact sensor that can detect explosive material such as DNT and TNT. The sensor can detect explosive residues in real time and will be used in public areas to prevent acts of terrorism.

Chemicals such as TNT, DNT, and TNP can be a serious threat to civilians and military personnel. Aside from being explosive, they are also considered to be toxic.

The new device can lay the framework for a compact and lightweight explosive sensor that can prove to be extremely useful for military and security screening. mentions that the team that has worked on developing the sensor have developed the device by using a technique based on fluorescence spectroscopy, which is a method of analyzing the light emitted from samples.

The device changes colors when explosives make contact with the synthesised polymer that the researchers have developed.

This certain polymer can detect nitroaromatics, the explosive class of compounds.

When the polymer comes into contact with TNT, DNT, or TNP vapor the polymer can alert the user of the explosives, making the sensor great for field applications.

The sensor gives real time information making it incredibly useful for defense applications and for forensic investigations. The sensor immediately changes color only when in the presence of TNT, DNT, and TNP. The color change is noticeable to the naked human eye.

The sensor is very small and can be easily implemented into airports, bus stations, government buildings and more. The device will come at a much lower price than traditional bomb detecting devices. The team is currently working on developing a similar device that can detect other types of explosives, such as nitroglycerin.