Advanced Thermal Solution for Perimeter Security Revealed

Photo illust. US Air Force

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Thermal imaging cameras are an integral component in securing borders, airports, seaports, critical infrastructure, etc. Thermal cameras let people see the invisible heat radiation emitted by all objects regardless of lighting conditions. A new thermal-camera technology will improve perimeter security in areas with poor visibility, difficult lighting conditions and absolute darkness.

Avigilon Corporation, a Motorola Solutions company, has announced its upcoming high-resolution H4 Thermal camera models that will combine patented technology with heat-sensing capabilities. The high-resolution H4 Thermal camera will enable users to see more accurately from longer distances, empowering customers with the information they need and helping ensure important details do not go unnoticed.

The new technology will supply longer-range detection in “locations where environmental factors and lighting conditions are challenging,” said Sergio Parise, senior vice president, Product Development at Avigilon. “With the ability to recognize threats with greater accuracy at longer distances under these conditions, this camera will provide an excellent video security solution for sites requiring perimeter protection.”

The H4 Thermal camera is expected to launch globally in the third quarter of this year, according to