Augmented Reality to Increase Soldiers Situational Awareness

Augmented Reality to Increase Soldiers Situational Awareness

Augmented Reality situational awareness

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A U.S. company has unveiled wearable augmented reality technology that will greatly increase a soldier’s situational awareness on the battlefield. Applied Research Associates Inc. (ARA) has revealed the ARC4 (Augmented Reality, Command, Control, Communicate, Coordinate).

The new advanced system is designed to deliver a heads-up display for soldiers. With the help of augmented reality, the ARC4 increases situational awareness by displaying to the soldiers in real time virtual icons overlaid on their real-world view. The system shows the wearer of the technology the location of friendly forces, even when they aren’t in sight, as well as mission landmarks and navigation waypoints. Icons are displayed with the help of augmented reality, that way they are “locked” onto the landmark even if the system operator moves his head.

Soldiers can utilize the system in order to place real time icons and display relative information. This means that soldiers can mark distant landmarks and alert their squadmates without verbally communicating. It is also possible for higher command to remotely mark new waypoints and landmarks, thus decreasing radio communications and increasing the stealthiness and situational awareness of the force.

The system also displays relevant information regarding the landmark. All the user has to do is look at the landmark and the system immediately displays information about that landmark.

A massive benefit with the ARC4 is that it eliminates the need to look down at a printed map or smartphone device. The user keeps his head up, making him more alert and responsive to his environment. When navigating, the system shows in real time the waypoints needed to go through in order to reach the destination. The system also displays real time distance from each waypoint.

The system also utilizes night vision, for low light operations. reports that the United States Army has already awarded the company a contract in January to integrate its Augmented Reality software into current and future Army vision device displays and Army vision Systems.