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Russia’s Defense Ministry has decided not to buy a Russian new generation sniper rifle, called the Tochnost. The sniper rifle, based on the ORSIS T-5000 model, will not be accepted into service and purchased by the Russian armed forces, according to

The Tochnost is made with metals and elements from Germany and Austria and the Russian Ministry of Defense considered the replacement of all foreign components. The Defense ministry stated that the new sniper rifle needed by the army should contain only domestic components.

The Tochnost uses conventional and armor-piercing rounds and is on par with the world’s best mass-produced sniper rifles available today, according to

The T-5000 is designed for day and night time engagement of targets in any conditions according to the manufacturer. Effective range is up to 1650 m and the accuracy is between of 0.3 to 0.5 MOA (110 mm for 800 m). Weapon`s weight is 6.1 to 6.5 kg, depending on the version.

The Tochnost sniper rifle was introduced into the Federal Security Service (FSB), Federal Protective Service (FSO) and Russian National Guard in September 2017. It`s a militarized version of the 2011 model ORSIS T-5000. Over 200 modifications requested by armed services were made to the original weapon. T-5000 rifles are made by private entity ORSIS in Moscow.

The company is a part of Prometechnologia group. The rifle was first shown in 2011.

The rifle underwent trials for the Russian future soldier program Ratnik, according to One of the trial stages involved winter shooting from a position located in an open terrain, located directly under a hovering helicopter.