Vehicle Protection System Allows For 360 Threat Detection and Defense

Vehicle Protection System Allows For 360 Threat Detection and Defense

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A company has unveiled a new vehicle protection sensor system to help protect armored vehicles and crews.

The 360 Multifunction Vehicle Protection (MVP) Sensor by BAE Systems provides increased visibility, situational awareness, threat detection, and countermeasures to protect armored vehicles and the crews insides.

As part of the company’s vehicle protection system, the 360 MVP Sensor uses four extended view, high definition, multifunctional cameras that work as the protection system’s eyes. The cameras allows crews to see a broader image of the battleground around them, as well as detecting and tracking threats. The sensors are capable of detecting any threat from ground troops to aerial systems to explosive devices laid on the road, and even missiles. The warning capabilities of the system allow for 360 degree visibility, as well as being able to work during the day, night, and in adverse weather, such as rain, fog, dust, and smoke.

The 360 MVP Sensor also assists crews with reacting to a threat. Alongside its detection, identification, and threat tracking abilities, the 360 MVP Sensor can be integrated with kinetic and non-kinetic countermeasures. These countermeasures are capable of defeating threats while lowering stress and increasing operation simplicity for crews.

“Our approach is different. We’re using mature, integrated components to provide a modular and affordable system for protecting armored vehicles that’s tailorable to the platform, mission, and budget,” said Ryan Edwards, BAE Systems’ business development manager for soldier and vehicle electronics, to “Our vehicle protection system lets crews see first and act first, helping them complete their mission.”

The 360 MVP Sensor provides an integrated, layered defense for armored vehicles that strengthen the warfighter and his crew while improving mobility, survivability, lethality, and overall mission success.