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8988523_sIsraeli unmanned air systems (UAS) are showing interest in the expected tender to supply such systems for the North Ireland police.

The Policing Board has endorsed proposals by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to buy a number of unmanned aircraft systems. It is understood that the Police Service of Northern Ireland is to purchase three small UAS at a combined cost of around £1m.

The first deployment is expected to be during the G8 summit in County Fermanagh in June. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), will be used in searches for suspects and missing persons. They will also provide support to officers attending calls and when dealing with public order situations.

The police say that the use of unmanned aircraft systems will also be useful in helping to cut back on the costs that arise from the deployment of helicopters.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed that UAS, when compared to traditional aircraft operating costs, represents significant value for money, can be operated in weather conditions that may prevent other aircraft flying and are easily deployed which will provide Police Service of Northern Ireland with additional flexibility and resilience in response to situations.