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A new technology is helping law enforcement agencies fight crime and ensure public safety while saving manpower and keeping costs low.

The technology in question is called Footprint, a web-based software that monitors and analyses data from multiple sources and sensors. The software helps police solve cases faster by going over multiple sources of data and making data-based decisions.

The software greatly increases law enforcement’s situational awareness. Footprint provide a video analytics and crime data infrastructure that is simple and useful to use. The software uses the data to create a predictive analysis, therefore helping police prevent crimes and catch criminals faster.

Footprint is a huge relief for police stations everywhere. By saving a lot of grunt work for police officers, Footprint allows policemen and women to better utilize their resources and time. It has the capability of connecting data from several sources such as public and private video, arrest records, call records and more. Footprint can also be used on smartphones, tablets, and other devices, thus making it very easy for police officers to gather vital information regarding crimes.

When it comes to video analytics processing, the software is a huge time saver. Provided by BriefCam, Footprint’s extensive video content analytics capabilities makes it possible for officers to go over hours of video surveillance in a short amount of time and identify people or objects of interest.

“BriefCam takes raw video content and transforms it into actionable data that is searchable, actionable and quantifiable,” said Stephanie Weagle, chief marketing officer at Briefcam, to “Video surveillance footage has never been more valuable with the ability to efficiently and effectively review and analyse its content to accelerate investigations, attain situational awareness and derive operational intelligence.”

Footprint grants law officers a much higher level of situational awareness in more populated areas. By integrating several sources of video and intelligence, Footprint is very useful in other applications such as military use, school and airport security, hospitals and more.