Several units from militaries all over the world recently competed in a special ops sniping competition. Snipers tested their skills in intense events that recreate the combat experience at the U.S. Army Special Operations Command International Sniper Competition.

The U.S. Army held a special international sniper competition where 21 teams competed in a series of events designed to test their aiming and reconnaissance skills. The teams not only competed against themselves, but also against the clock, with a limited amount of time and ammunition to complete each event. Each year the events are different, with this years focus of the competition being mental agility in a realistic combat-like application.

The instructors from the Special Forces Sniper Course designed the competition to test the two-man teams in their speed, accuracy, and ability to work together under various scenarios. Since this year’s competition revolves around real-world applications the competition’s organizers used “sounds, artillery simulators, and bunkers to induce chaos and make them think through things,” as stated by one of the event organizers.

The competition lasted 5 days and took place at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Among the competitors, representatives from the United States, Italy, Ireland, Germany, and more took part in the action. mentions that the shooters brought to the competition their own snipers, carbines, and handguns.

The podium ended up being all American. First and second place in the competition went to teams representing the United States Special Operations Command. In third place came the U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper team.