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A new universal rifle ammunition powder is currently evaluated by the US military. Reload Swiss, a subsidiary of a European company Nitrochemie has launched its RS76, a universal powder for assembling rifle ammunition.

The ammunition powder is suitable for multiple calibres, including .338 Lapua Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum and .300 Norma Magnum.

The US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) is currently evaluating the latter two, according to the company’s statement on its website.

The RS76 bridges the gap between the company’s established, tried-and-tested RS70 and RS80 powders.

What makes the RS76 unique? It is an extruded, single-based propellant powder based on nitrocellulose, which is a highly flammable compound formed by nitrating cellulose. A unique impregnation method using nitroglycerine ensures top performance. The powder contains a lead-free de-coppering additive, making it suitable for low-pollution ammunition.

The company developer, RS Dominik Antenen said: “The RS80 was ideal for the popular .338 Lapua Magnum with 300-grain projectiles. But when it was used with the equally popular 250-grain projectile, the results were no longer quite so good.” The newly developed RS76 resolves this problem. “The objective was to pass on the good genes of the RS70 and RS80 to the RS76,” he added.

Explaining the powder’s features, Antennen said: “We endowed the RS76 with a good pressure and velocity ratio, sensible temperature independence and a de-copperizing additive. We included a muzzle flash suppressor in the package and a stabilize.”