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Photo Credit: Defensoft
Photo Credit: Defensoft

A special Israeli developed software is a key tool in designing integrated border and perimeter security systems. The software was developed based on the vast Israeli experience in such security systems that are using an array of sensors.

DEFENSOFT developed the software and methodologies to plan large-scale integrated border and perimeter security systems. The company’s proprietary technology utilizes non-trial-and-error automated calculations and planning procedures that enable customers to achieve optimal cost-effective designs.

The company leverages its technology combined with operational experience gained in the execution of numerous projects, to offer rapid development of plans and requirements for optimal security arrays to government and commercial customers worldwide.

The company claims that by using its software in planning  the security  system on the Israel-Egypt border its final price was  30% less than the original IDF plan.

video 300x250-BThe company says that it is working with the customer to validate operational requirements, propose alternative concepts of operation (CONOPS) and conceptual designs, and finally to create a detailed design of the border or a perimeter security solution that meets the customer’s budget and requirements.

The software is also used by field intelligence units to plan daily missions, as wellas optimal locations for placing unattended ground sensors, surveillance vehicles, balloons, communication devices, and various temporary sensor installations.

Photo Credit - Defensoft
Photo Credit – Defensoft