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A software platform could assist in proactively preventing acts of violence in public spaces, workplaces and other facilities. The challenge the software aims to answer is how to secure spaces by predicting human behavior, based on various sources of information.
The developing company, Ontic, provides a protective intelligence software platform, aggregating disparate data sources and providing a workflow that surfaces “pre-incident indicators” for acts of violence, mental health issues and behavior of concern, according to
Ontic’s real-time, actionable insights allow security and resource teams to better discover, investigate and collaborate on threats in order to protect executives, workplaces and schools. Ontic works with different companies and some of the leading educational institutions today to keep its people safe.
“Prior to acts of violence occurring, there exist signs, behaviors, or initial warnings. Today, with the amount of data we have available in digital conversations and behavior tracking hardware, we have the opportunity to prevent threats from materializing,” said Lukas Quanstrom, Co-Founder and CEO. “The burden of accountability that businesses, schools, and really all institutions have to keep their people safe means they are looking for more than higher walls and stronger locks.”
Ontic’s approach uses big data and artificial intelligence to proactively provide insight to risk events well ahead of human harm.”