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1 (NXP)An Israeli company has developed what it claims is the ultimate deception sensor. The system is already in use by many organizations in Israel and other countries.

Nemesysco has developed software that is conducting Voice Analysis for emotion detection.

According to Asaf  Bar Ilan, VP Business Development, the software provides the interrogator with the suspect’s emotional feedbacks via voice analysis during the investigation.

The software includes three operational modes:

Online Face to Face Mode – real-time analysis of open conversations/investigations using a computer and a microphone. Using the Online Mode in the interrogation room while interrogating a suspect.

Online Phone Mode – real time analysis of a phone conversation / interview / interrogation. Used widely by organizations that need to verify and evaluate the information received from their sources.

Offline Mode – recorded material analysis.

The Offline Mode is used to analyze pre-recorded material from a variety of sources such as tape recordings, DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recordings, video, radio, television, live subjects or phone calls.


The system completes the polygraph, it is used at an early stage of the investigation with a wider number of suspects. Will narrow down the number of suspects and will direct the investigator to the relevant topics of investigations which then can be directed to the polygraph, It can also be used prior to the polygraph where the polygraph cannot yet be used:

1.       Over the phone

2.       With recorded material

3.       Where the investigator does not want the suspect to know that he/she is being analyzed

The system requires an export approval of the Israeli Ministry Of  Defense. The company handles the approval procedure from the Israeli authorities  in accordance with the local law.

Bar-Ilan says that the software is for professional investigators and is used in a variety of applications. “Our biggest client right now is the British government. It purchased the software for filtering people who claim money from the Social Security”. He emphasized that the software is a “decision supporting tool” and cannot replace the human in making final decisions.

The company’s official revealed that India is now using the software to analyze “voice intelligence” gathered by this country’s security services.