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Pakistani Army is to buy 600 modern battle tanks, according to an Indian news agency. Most battle tanks Pakistan was planning to procure are likely to have features like computerised fire control system for increased accuracy, and they would be able to hit targets within a range of 3 to 4km. The purchase will include the Russian T-90 tank. However there is no mention of this in either Russian or Pakistani media. The Russian media which is quick to respond to such claims has not reported on the matter.

Pakistan has selected the Chinese VT-4 MBT (main battle tank) and is in the process of ordering around 100 of them, Pakistani media had reported during the November 2018 IDEAS show in Karachi. In addition it is developing its own Al-Khalid II MBT. So placing a huge order of 600 tanks does not seem plausible at this stage.

Equipped with a China-made 1200-horsepower diesel-fuelled engine and a hydro-mechanical drive system, the VT-4 can run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h and a maximum cross-country speed of 50 km/h. Add-ons include a new GL5 Active Protection System (APS) which customers can have fitted on the VT-4, according to