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9072302_sIran is transferring knowhow to Gaza to enable the terror organizations there to build basic unmanned air systems (UAS)

Two development sites were destroyed a few weeks ago by Israel.

In the first stages of Pillar of Defense operation in Gaza, the Israeli Airforce (IAF) has used very accurate intelligence and destroyed a warehouse in which the Hamas has been developing UAV’s.

A later air strike destroyed an air strip in Gaza that was used for testing some prototypes of these UAS.

Israeli sources say that there are signs that Iran is behind the UAV effort.

The Iranian industry has been involved in developing some types of UAV.

Some of these have been transferred to Lebanon where the Hezbollah terror organization that gets its orders from Teheran, has used to try and fly over Israel.

The UAV was launched by the Hezbollah in Lebanon, flew over the Mediterranean and entered the Israeli airspace after flying over Gaza.

In 2006 the IAF has shot down an Iranian made Ababil UAV that was operated by the Hezbollah terror organization as part of the fighting on the Israeli-Lebanese border. The Ababil was detected near the border and an F-16 shot it down. Its debris fell into the Mediterranean.

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Since a similar occurrence in November 2004 the IAF has operated special sensors that improved its capability to detect UAV’s trying to enter the Israeli airspace.