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In search and rescue operations, every second counts. A new Search and Rescue version of an unmanned aerial vehicle has been launched recently. The aircraft allows search and rescues to launch instantly from just about anywhere and to carry the necessary equipment.

The UAV was launched by the South Africa-based unmanned aircraft manufacturer ALTI UAS. The ALTI Transition SAR ‘Orange’ is a specific version of the ALTI Transition designed for search and rescue missions. It is compact, rapid, smart, advanced and allows up to 12 hours of endurance per flight with a 900 km range.

The new ALTI Transition SAR ‘Orange’ is enhanced to support emergency rescue operations by capturing detailed footage from above, allowing for supply drops, locating trapped victims and to survey, record and analyze terrain. It has been designed for every day, all day operation with a low hourly operation cost of only $3.50.

The key difference with this version of the ALTI Transition is the bright orange Search and Rescue color scheme, along with disaster-specific payload integration, ideal for firefighting support and post-disaster management and damage assessment.

The ALTI Transition is a pure VTOL UAV and transitions from hover to fixed-wing flight mode. Its modular frame allows for transporting within a pelican case and easy set up within 10 minutes. It does not require any additional equipment such as a catapult or landing strip. It supports a wide range of payloads with a capacity of up to 1.5kg, according to the company website.

Duran De Villiers, Owner & Director at ALTI UAS commented “The new ALTI Transition SAR ‘Orange’ has been designed specifically for search and rescue missions and can capture precise, detailed footage and information from above, along with thermal cameras allowing fire crews to see through smoke, see exactly what the fire is doing, where hot spots are and the ability to quickly and effectively relay this information to the right people.”