New High-Frequency Technology Can Detect Mail Bombs

New High-Frequency Technology Can Detect Mail Bombs

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Screening inbound mail against postal IEDs and other personal harm devices is becoming a standard practice in organizations. The past series of mail bombs sent to President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others have put a spotlight on the security of mailing and delivery services.

The T-SENSE, an all-in-one sensor solution designed to improve the security and safety of postal facilities around the world, was unveiled by HUBNER.

Using high-frequency technology, T-SENSE detects concealed objects, powders and hazardous substances in packages. Leveraging terahertz waves, T-SENSE penetrates paper, clothing, plastic and many other materials in just seconds, similar to airport screening machines.

“Every post office or mail room in the world represents a gateway for dangerous attacks and must be closely protected,” said Thorsten Sprenger, Head of Terahertz-Technology & Photonics at HÜBNER. “T-SENSE effectively detects potential hazards while also reducing costly false alarms. It is also safe for security employees, with no harmful radiation omitted during operation, unlike traditional security solutions, such as x-rays.”

The new T-SENSE can scan letters and packages up to a thickness of 5 centimeters. The turnkey system includes a plug-and-play setup and intuitive user interface. The compact, stand-alone device includes an integrated computer with corresponding software as well as a touch-screen monitor, mouse and keyboard, according to