New Israeli MoD Robotic System Enters Testing Stage

New Israeli MoD Robotic System Enters Testing Stage

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The development stage of the SAHAR system – a ground robotic engineering scout – has been completed by Israel’s MoD Defense Research and Development Directorate (DDR&D, MAFAAT), the testing stage is underway.

The SAHAR system was designed for a wide range of operations in various arenas, focusing on coping with the challenge of explosive charges. The system is one of the elements of the robotic front guard which offers various capabilities.

Video: MoD Spokesperson

The SAHAR system comprises three parts. The first is the 6-ton robotic platform, featured by high navigability capabilities – the system can maneuver alongside an AFV in paths, analyzed area or with an operator.

The second is the technological element with the robotic kit – a system with a wide array of sensors, smart cameras, a scanning laser sensor and radars. The vehicle can map a known obstacle and cope with it with pre-planned logics.

The third part is the mission element – when the system detects an explosive charge, it transfers an alert to the forces on the ground regarding the location of the charge.

The SAHAR system is one of several advanced platforms in the sphere of ground robotics. The IDF is highly advanced in the field of ground, air and naval unmanned systems, according to the Israeli MoD announcement.

Lt. Col. D., Head of Robotics and Autonomy at MAFAT said: “At the MoD MAFAT we develop technologies that reduce the risk for combatants lives and other operational capabilities, by operating a robotic scout which moves ahead of the maneuvering forces and enables daring missions at the battlefield”.