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Emotion and behavioral analysis through video content analytics can enhance public security. Scientifically developed tools now offer access to real-time analytics of the environment characteristics and predict behavior.

Various aspects of the field will be presented at the iHLS Video Analytics Conference and Exhibition which will be held on November 19, 2018 at the Lago Conference Hall, Rishon Lezion.

 A company based in France, Two-i, has launched a video content analytics software, which allows to measure levels of well-being by analysing emotions and to produce demographics statistics. This also includes live alerts for security reasons, historical information for marketing and urban development.

The technology includes three main areas of intelligence: Identification, Recognition and Emotions. These focus areas provide security staff with proactive answers to situations that are potentially dangerous or where a conflict might arise, according to the company website.

The first module identifies and reports the presence of unwanted individuals in the area / premises. Once located, the information is sent in real-time to a security desk or safety officers via a mobile application.

The recognition module recognizes the presence of specific groups, while complying with data privacy and anonymization regulations. Organizers can then proactively and accurately deploy security staff to ensure the security of a group or prevent outbursts of unwanted behavior.

Real-time emotional cartography allows spotting situations which may potentially become problematic or dangerous. Anger, stress and tension related outbreaks can often be easily avoided by quickly responding to the situation and deploying security staff to the area.

The technology is integrated with artificial intelligence, which makes the emotion analysis tool more than just a machine. It enables users to obtain a better understanding of their environment, to optimise their communication and to predict behavior also in the commercial setting, the company’s president and co-founder, Julien Trombini, told

In the smart city context, he said we can expect to see technologies that can enable automatic designing of a city, including architecture based on happiness and well-being information.

The commercial applications of the technology offer direct feedback on costumers’ experience together with analytics that will help companies make smarter business decisions.

The company’s technology is already used in arenas and metros, providing live alerts to prevent security issues like abandoned bags or unwanted items.

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