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The unique and interesting case of Poland’s drone industry and legislation will be presented at the coming AUS&R Conference and Exhibition by Mr. Dariusz Werschner, a physicist and a UAV expert, the President of the Unmanned Systems Chamber in Poland.  

He will elaborate on the Central-European Drone Demonstrator (CEDD) testing zone for drones. He will also describe the traffic management solutions for secure airspace sharing by manned and unmanned aircraft (UTM), as well as the local drone traffic management (DTM) dedicated for cities and more, as a solution for managing drone-based services, restricted areas (geofencing), integration with manned and unmanned air traffic in airspace between ground level to 300 meters.

Weschner is the co-founder and President of the Polish drone industry association (PDIA).

An expert of UAS Industry in Polish Investment and Trade Agency, and the representative of Polish drone industry in Tel-Aviv and Vancouver.

A visionary, innovator, and the founder of several startups, he is the initiator of the Airvein project, the world first autonomous cargo drone-based system for cities.

The Airvein project focuses on an innovative autonomous drone-based cargo system for medical purposes dedicated for large cities. Within this framework, he has taken part in the lobbying for new regulations which allow delivery of blood by drones.

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