American Law Enforcement to Implement Smart Patrolling

Smart Patrolling

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Two leading tech-based companies are collaborating in order to provide law enforcement with Smart Patrolling, the first in-car camera video system, powered by artificial intelligence.

The way smart patrolling will work is by supplementing the conventional license plate reader (LPR) technology for law enforcement vehicles. The companies, Sony and Utility Inc., will provide a cost-effective solution that can be delivered to entire fleets, rather than a handful of vehicles.

To put it simply, the Smart Patrolling feature, which is an add-on to the Rocket IoT Vehicle video systems, frees officers from keying in license plate numbers and significantly minimizes driver distraction.

Smart Patrolling integrates well with Utility`s cloud-based evidence management platform, AVaiL Web.

The value of AI used in Smart Patrolling for a police department increases as more vehicles use the technology. With Smart Patrolling as an add-on to the Rocket IoT In-Car Video System, entire departments can be outfitted with License Plate reading capabilities, as reported in

“Smart Patrolling is a game changer for law enforcement. For many years LPR technology has been inaccessible to all but a handful of first responders. By leveraging our company’s combined capabilities in communications, software, and AI, Utility is rewriting the LPR script for our nation’s first responders with Sony,” said Ted Davis, CEO of Utility, Inc.

“Today we are announcing license plate reading as an add-on to our tremendously successful Rocket IoT In-Car Video System. Soon our partner departments will be able to embed license plate meta-data into vehicle and body worn camera video automatically, notify their drivers of hot list plates, and collaborate with other departments for investigations – all through AVaiL Web.”