New System Expands Situational Awareness and Safety


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A new system named the Portable SkyDome has recently launched and was created with the purpose of empowering field agents, border patrol, law enforcement and security professionals by substantially expanding situational awareness and officer safety.

The SkyDome security platform was created by US-based Fortem Technologies. The vision was for the system to be a solution that establishes a 360-degree view of a designated airspace. It also enables the company’s autonomous airspace defense solution, the DroneHunter drone, to investigate specific areas and provide ground and airspace security with the ability to mitigate drone intrusions.

The DroneHunter that can be operated together with the Portable SkyDome autonomously detects, developing an integrated response, and safely removes threatening drones.

“Providing accurate, situational awareness and increasing officer safety with equipment that can be quickly set up and torn down at border, venues and events has always been a challenge,” said Timothy Bean, Fortem Technologies CEO. “Portable SkyDome is a critical addition to the Fortem family of solutions that fulfills the industry need to secure our airspace as we emerge into a drone-enabled world.”

According to, there are several key benefits to the Portable SkyDome. The Portable SkyDome airspace awareness and security platform, being a stand-alone system, can be set up and torn down in several minutes at an event or venue and requires no radar or sensor expertise. The system essentially sets up a defined zone, and sends real-time automated alerts, texts and emails when intruders enter.

Additionally, rules can be applied to automatically launch a DroneHunter for additional observation, surveillance, pursuit and capture.

The coverage provided by the SkyDome is comprehensive, and can discern between threats and non-threats.