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When conducting prevention campaigns, US Department of Motor Vehicles investigators frequently encounter underage individuals with fake, out-of-state licenses and IDs. Law enforcement officers in New York state are employing a new technology aimed at catching underage people who try to purchase alcohol. The use of the “Law ID” app will enable DMV investigators to know immediately if an out-of-state license or ID is authentic.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has launched a pilot program using this state-of-the-art technology to crack down on underage drinking and the use of fake IDs. Developed by Intellicheck, the technology, which is only available to law enforcement, enables investigators to scan a license or ID using the company’s “Law ID” app on the investigator’s smartphone and match it against driving records from all 50 states. Within seconds, investigators will know if an ID is authentic or not.

Every interaction between an officer and an unknown contact has potential risks. Reducing those risks — for both the officer and the individual — is one of law enforcement’s most critical challenges. The new app reduces those risks, as an officer can quickly scan an unknown contact’s ID with minimal loss of visual contact.

Highlighted, critical fields from DMV and criminal records are also clearly visible at a glance, so the officer can quickly assess whether caution is warranted, according to the company website.

New York is the first state in the nation to pilot the program, according to