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The site perimeter is often the crucial first line of defense. Perimeter protection requires more than sensors to prevent intruders from penetrating large sites. It is an aspect that takes all characteristics of the installation and the risks to which it is exposed into consideration. To ensure reliable, accurate detection on large sites, video analysis is a must.

An advanced video surveillance technology will be enhanced by new video analytics tools. The integration between IDIS and DAVANTIS video technologies will make it easy for organizations of all sizes to enhance security at their boundaries. The collaboration will deliver the level of enhanced protection that was once regarded as being for high-end users only, claims IDIS.

IDIS, which specializes in video surveillance technology, is South Korea’s largest in-country manufacturer while DAVANTIS specializes in video analytics and, over the last decade, has focused on advanced perimeter security applications. These include DAVANTIS Daview LR, a powerful video analytics system designed for large perimeters utilizing specific algorithms for thermal imaging and visible cameras and Daview S, an analytics system characterized by a quick and simple installation.

According to, this latest integration applies to both the IDIS Center video management software (VMS) – a totally cost-free, powerful, customizable management system that supports up to 1024 devices – and the fully-featured IDIS Solution Suite, which offers a modular design, cost-effective license structure and zero software maintenance agreements.

With both IDIS Center and IDIS Solution Suite users can access DAVANTIS video analytics for live cameras and recorded video allowing real-time alarm verification.