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The realm of IoT (Internet of Things) is based on the vision of connectivity among all the devices as well as with various servers and services, so that each device can be accessed from different organizations for various designations. Undoubtedly, every organization wants to benefit the advantages of IoT technology and is prepared to invest resources. However, the major challenge on the way to achieve this vision is the security problem. One of the main requirements of IoT economy is that organizations must give access to many external third-party users, partners, providers, etc.

For example, a municipality may want to grant access to its security cameras network, to the manufacturer, maintenance technician, emergency medical services, police etc. However, we all understand that this way, the municipality becomes exposed to cybersecurity threats.

Realizing that the main concern in this field is security, the startup EasySec Solutions has developed an innovative solution, which they say would revolutionize the IoT world.

The company, which participated at the iHLS Startup Security Accelerator earlier this year, will be among the dozens of startups which will attend the Startup Competition for Security, Defense and HLS, organized by iHLS on July 11, 2018 at the Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel-Aviv.

The entrepreneurs David Bellaiche, CEO, and Avraham Darmon, CTO, have developed a ground-breaking technology that hands granular access with respect to his roles, e.g. the maintenance vendor will receive access only to the camera configuration and not to the documented video.

In contrary to existing traditional access control solutions in the market, that are very heavy and do not suit IoT devices, EasySec Solutions developed a distributed architecture that takes into account the light computation program memory generally common to IoT devices.

Recently, the company completed a first paid deployment with an Airbus’ supplier in France to protect robots on the company’s production line. This business PoC demonstrates that EasySec’s technology solves a genuine problem in the field, and moreover, companies are willing to pay for this solution.

In addition, EasySec started a beta-site with an Israeli integrator in the field of smart city. Upon the confirmation of the solution, more organizations, such as the Israeli police, municipalities, and others, will be interested in joining in, and this would open more opportunities for EasySec Solutions in the smart city and safe city fields.

The technology offers high flexibility: The solution can be hosted in the IoT device to be protected or in an off-the-shelf hardware distributed by the company, supplying a solution to already deployed systems.

The company supplies an easy-to-apply security as a service solution to both the manufacturer and the integrator.

Meet EasySec Solutions and dozens of ground-breaking startups at the Startup Competition for Security, Defense and HLS on July 11, 2018.

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