New Attack Vehicle Designed for Special Forces

New Attack Vehicle Designed for Special Forces

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A Polish company has exposed a new vehicle for special forces. Built on a Japanese 4×4 chassis, the Light Attack Vehicle “Wirus” has been designed especially for special forces and long-range reconnaissance forces. 118 vehicles have been ordered by the Polish Ministry of National Defence.

The manufacturer Team Concept Ltd. is a Polish designer and manufacturer of special vehicles, vehicle bodies and components for vehicles and aluminum boats. They are part of the “VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz” programme awarded by Daimler AG.

The first version of the Wirus was developed in 2012 (LPU-1). From that time, the company has designed improved models, and the current version called LPU Wirus IV will be delivered to Polish Armed Forces in 2020.
The range of the vehicle with its 75-liter fuel tank reaches 600 kilometers on paved roads and over 400 kilometers off-road. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 120 km/h (on paved road) and up to 80 km/h (off-road). Height and width of the vehicle are about 2 meters, and length of about 4 meters. Gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 2.6 tons, of which 1.7 t is the empty weight. It means that the vehicle can carry up to 900 kg of payload, including the 3-man crew. It is fitted with mine resistant underbody armor Class 1 according to STANAG 4569 Annex B.
According to, the vehicle is adapted for different kinds of transport (by sea, air and rail). It can be transported in C-130 Hercules and other similar aircraft or as underslung load.

The vehicle can be fitted with optronic systems for land surveillance and target designation such as Safran’s MOST. As an option, the vehicle can be fitted with electric winch built-in frame of the vehicle with front and rear fairleads and radio systems.