New Hybrid Robotic System Combines Two Familiar Platforms

New Hybrid Robotic System Combines Two Familiar Platforms

hybrid robotic system

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A new unmanned solution has been developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) – a hybrid ground and air robotic system for border patrol, reconnaissance and surveillance defense system, which combines land and aerial capabilities. As a complete system solution customized to operational needs, it allows continuous operation under complex and challenging areas and conditions without risking human life and supporting the coming battlefield changes and emerging threats.

The system’s design is based on the RoBattle UGV and the BirdEye 650D UAV. The collaboration between the systems provides an End to End solution, supporting continuous work at complex areas with Non Line of Sight (NLOS) conditions. Each of the platforms can be used as a communication repeater to the other, and provide accurate target acquisition using the different domain payloads.

The system supports a variety of complex missions including ambushes, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance, target detection and remote threat neutralization.

The system main components include the RoBattle ground robotic platform, the BirdEye 650D UAV, an array of dedicated payloads and sensors embedded in the platforms and offering remotely controlled lethal capabilities and an advanced command and control center that can be located far from the arena, hence posing no threat to human life.

RoBattle is an operational all terrain Robotic vehicle with advanced maneuverability. The vehicle designed to handle difficult missions under tough conditions quickly and efficiently, it combines an advanced autonomous system that lets it orient itself accurately in the field with real-time 3D mapping and decision support systems.

The BirdEye 650D is an advanced, small tactical UAV. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for a range of missions, including intelligence collection, surveillance and reconnaissance at a range of up to 150 km. The UAV enables continuous communication between the RoBattle and the command post as well as superior real-time intelligence during day and night. Being completely automatic and autonomous aerial vehicle with extremely low noise and visual signature, it is very difficult to detect.