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Beit-Alfa-4Beit-Alfa Technologies (BAT) – has unveiled details of its newest family of RIOT CONTROL VEHICLES (RCVs) that use proprietary non-lethal jet pulse water cannon systems which enable accurate pulse firing as well as significant water savings.

Beit-Alfa’s rugged, highly effective RCVs are based on the company’s over 40 years of experience in specialized vehicle design and production. In addition to the water cannon systems, the vehicles also include advanced Command & Control capabilities that allow the operator to mix accurate amounts of additives to the water pulses, including tear gas (CS), skunk, or dye, according to operational needs.

According to the Israeli company the line of RCVs provides full self-protection from fire, approaching rioters, and ballistics – and incorporates a bulldozer blade and front water/foam cannon which clear away and extinguish any obstacles in the vehicle’s path. A filtration system is included for the driver and cabin crew. Also integrated are a front CCTV and video system, rear camera, and monitor.

The vehicles are built on a variety of chassis sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of operational scenarios. A complete line of over 15 RCV models are available, all custom-built per customer specifications. These vehicles are in use worldwide, and have been extensively field-proven during intensive action.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Vehicles

Beit-Alfa also offers a complete, turn-key package with fully-equipped vehicles that integrate all necessary tools – including an advanced robot – to perform almost any type of EOD & IEDD intervention mission. Enabling rapid deployment and response by EOD teams, the vehicles are internally customized so that all equipment is safely and easily stowed. Designed for convenient accessibility, Beit-Alfa’s EOD/IEDD vehicles are deployed by military and police bomb disposal units around the globe. The vehicles are designed according to customer specifications, based on a variety of standard chassis.

According to CEO’s company Mr. Ronen Zahavy, “We are very pleased to be exhibiting at LAAD. Beit-Alfa has been operating in Latin American markets for many years, and its solutions are used successfully by the armies and police forces of a number of Latin American countries. At the exhibition, we will highlight a variety of solutions in the areas of RIOT CONTROL and EOD.  We invite everyone to visit our booth for a closer look at our innovative systems.”