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Today, SIGINT and EW systems are re-emerging as a crucial need for contending in the modern battlefield. IAI- ELTA Systems was recently awarded a contract for the modernization and upgrade of a national level ground-based SIGINT and EW system for a European customer. The contract is valued in excess of 150M$ and includes numerous fixed sites and mobile systems, which will be based on ELTA’s advanced ELI-6063 integrated systems, with subcontractors from several leading European defense companies.

The modernized system will provide a dual civilian and military ground and Air Situational Picture (ASP) as well as an enhanced military Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) picture, for both the tactical and strategic echelons of the customer’s Army and Air Force.

ELI-6063 is an advanced fixed and mobile ground-based integrated EW system for Communication and for Non-Communication SIGINT. The system detects, monitors, analyses, locates, records and jams enemy communications and radars.

The system delivers a continuous and dynamic real-time flow of COMINT and ELINT-derived intelligence data, to supported units. The SIGINT data is also used by the system’s Command and Control Centres to direct system jamming stations for jamming selected targets.

According to the company, the national SIGINT system has been based on years of extensive research, development and in-battle experience.