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Drone manufacturers are constantly looking for new technologies to solve the challenges involved with drone delivery. An electric aviation pioneer, Yates Electrospace Corp., just received its eighth patent, that will support the company’s proprietary and trademarked Silent Arrow ER-700 delivery drone glider.

The disposable drone delivery system is meant to be airdropped. The storage compartments of the unit can hold life-saving supplies, medicine and equipment. Earlier this year the company received a US government contract for 10 Silent Arrow units. A different, reusable system can be used and flown off of improvised airfields, according to

The U.S. Marine Corps has started a 12-month test program of the electric-powered disposable glider through the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.

The Silent Arrow designed for logistic supply will be launched from manned aircraft and helicopters CH-53K, MV-22, C-130. The cargo can reach 318 kg, the flight range is 88-41 km as the drone glider is launched from 12,000 to 25,000 feet respectively.

According to, the development started in 2014. The Marines contract includes the development and manufacture of 10 full-size protoypes.

The company claims that the price of logistic supply using this system is the lowest in the world.

A flight test that includes launch from a MV-22 helicopter is expected in the end of 2018.