Operating Airports Becomes Smarter Task


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Airports around the globe are seeing dramatic increases in traffic, it increases complexity to ensure safe and reliable operations. A new smart airport technology will enhance the safety and efficiency of airside operations. The Honeywell Navitas software suite integrates air and ground traffic control with maintenance operations so airports can accommodate growing air traffic while promoting safety and on-time performance.

The system includes modular and scalable software components, combined with a user-friendly interface, providing real-time insights for air traffic controllers and maintenance operators.

The system assists personnel in visualizing and routing aircraft movements — from enhancing situational awareness about traffic conditions and more safely expediting aircraft turnaround times, to automating fault diagnostics for airside equipment — all despite the increasing complexity and stress associated with today’s airport operations.

Navitas helps orchestrate the complex environments through mobile applications, dashboards and heads-up displays that are intuitive. By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, the technology makes data user-friendly, and airports smarter in the process.

According to aviationpros.com, the modules include the Tower Manager that enhances situational awareness of airport surface operations. It gives controllers access to real-time information on ground, air traffic and meteorological conditions, presenting the information in a single interface and providing visibility into traffic events while reducing the chance for error.

The Surface Manager enhances ground traffic safety, fluency and throughput in a wide range of weather conditions, while helping to reduce their fuel burn and carbon footprint.

The system’s Engineering Manager helps engineers and technicians manage maintenance by enabling them to more effectively monitor system health, more easily perform fault diagnostics and to streamline workflows,

The Performance Manager features dashboards that allow airport staff to collaborate and analyze operations in line with key performance indicators.