Puma UAV will Enhance German Navy Capabilities

Puma UAV will Enhance German Navy Capabilities

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Small UAVs have helped transform the way U.S. and allied forces plan, train, equip and operate. Now, the Puma UAV is fielded to the German Navy, providing it with rapid and effective force protection as well as interoperability with NATO forces. German Navy adoption of the Puma UAV system marks another step in the growing need for and fielding of UAV for the international surface combatant and coastal craft market.

The Puma is a small unmanned aircraft system designed for land based and maritime operations. Capable of landing in the water or on land, the Puma AE empowers the operator with an operational flexibility never before available in the small UAV class.

The German Navy has acquired the Puma maritime unmanned aircraft system. The Puma systems will include the Mantis i45 sensor and pocket Remote Video Terminal (p/RVT). UAV manufacturer AeroVironment and ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik partnered to satisfy the requirement of the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support for an urgent operational requirement.

The package brings about significant capabilities into a portable platform that can operate on naval vessels without the need for modifications to the host ship, according to AeroVironment’s announcement.