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SPIDER PLASANPlasan Security Systems, has unveiled its  Spider-SC1 Surveillance Vehicle – a high-survivability modular suite, providing a comprehensive solution for Homeland Security needs, including border protection .

Spider-SC1 is a manned, 4×4, armored, high-maneuverability, all-terrain vehicle, with integrated state-of-the-art technologies – including a surveillance system for long-range day-and-night tracking, video analytics, a tactical observation balloon, and a cutting-edge two-way communications system. It is a unique, high-survivability, superior-performance solution that allows the effective handling of today’s Homeland Security needs, including protecting borders; preventing the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and persons; and dealing with terror threats in peripheral areas.

According to the Israeli company this vehicle allows surveillance, and the securing of especially large geographical areas, in a fully autonomous manner, independently of additional systems.