Advanced Command and Control GUI Exposed


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Datalink technologies can improve military and first responders’ communications and enhance their situational awareness on the battlefield or on an emergency. A new command and control software application offers a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for datalink control. It enables a simple and intuitive operation of the various Command and Control modules such as Video Player, Map Engine, Mission Control, and the Datalink. Additionally, it provides a fully integrated digital map, real-time imagery and orientation of the payload and/or platform.

The I-Commtact Command and Control software application, developed by the Israeli company Commtact, is specially designed for a variety of mission scenarios. It may be supplied either as part of complete communication solution or as a stand-alone application. With a minimal required integration time, it can be installed on a PC, tablet or any other computerized hardware, according to the company’s announcement.

The company specializes in the development, manufacture, and support of communications and information systems for military, homeland security (HLS) and commercial applications.

The application main features include:

Datalink Control Module: A reliable real-time data about the parameters of the datalink connection with its platform. The datalink control module enables users to easily switch between operational frequencies to receive and manage alerts, including Test and Warning Reports.

Map Generator: An advanced map engine, which can be modified by Commtact programmers according to the Customer’s requirements. The map engine uses precise global coordinates and provides clear presentation without sacrificing critical details.

Advanced video and image processing: An advanced video decoder and player embedded in the software provide real-time video characterized by high-quality and low-latency.

Integrated Database: Allows users to store and manage a variety of useful data, such as Targets, Points of Interest (POI), and other libraries and data banks.