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Training and simulation systems have been an integral part of military and homeland security operations. The application of new technologies in this field can leverage the level of readiness of the military forces, first responders, etc. in realistic scenarios.

Elbit Systems developed a range of operational mission training and simulation systems that enhance readiness for land, airborne and HLS personnel while reducing costs. These innovative technologies include:

  • SkyBreaker Mission Training Center (MTC) – a networked multi-cockpit, mission-oriented training center operational with the Israeli Air Force.
  • Land Mission Training Center – a system that offers complete mission rehearsals across varying combat scenarios for the entire regiment. Training tools are based on advanced computer generated scenarios and platforms.
  • Live Combat Training System (LCTS) is a fully integrated training system, which includes laser suites for dismounted infantry and armored vehicles, highly compatible with urban areas. LCTS supports a wide range of simulated weapons, including personal weaponry, anti-tanks missiles, mortars, artillery and mines, as well as chemical events. According to the company, LCTS implements the “Train as you fight” concept – the system computes and records positions, weapons’ hit impact and user vulnerabilities to provide the most realistic hit indications and statistics, thus providing a unique training environment and effective debriefing.
  • Homeland Security Simulation System (HLS2) provides 3D program training, operational mission rehearsal and security planning for first responders and emergency agencies such as police, rescue and fire fighters, medical care and Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological (NBCR( teams, in complex urban environments. Operational with several customers including the IDF and municipalities in Israel, Elbit Systems’ advanced HLS2 system enables simulation of public and media response and allows real-time drill manipulation, thereby significantly enhancing readiness.