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Chinese Special Forces have been equipped with advanced digital combat gear. The Sky Wolf Commandos of the Chinese Army’s Special Operations Forces from the Western Theater Command, have been equipped with the QTS-11 system in their training,

according to a report in China Central Television (CCTV). This command belongs to the 3,488 km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India.

Military experts say the QTS-11 system is similar to the one of the US army as it contains soldier combat system, including detection and communications, according to the state-run Global Times newspaper. The system includes an assault rifle and 20-millimeter grenade launcher, a thermal imager and optoelectronic and positioning systems. The system weighs up to seven kg, adds.

Special operations forces are the first to have a taste of the QTS-11 system before the system would be widely deployed into other forces, said Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert. The system was also incorporated in a surveillance and reconnaissance brigade of the Central Theater Command.

“The individual soldier combat system is only part of the digitalized army, something countries are attempting to do. Developing the integrated individual soldier combat system adapts to information warfare in the future,” Song said.

“QTS-11 systems of the US and China are similar but not comparable. The system’s capability depends on how it is used,” Song said, as reported by