New Weapon Detection Solution Might Prevent Next Active Shooter Attack

weapon detection

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New security tools are needed to prevent the types of mass shootings that have become endemic to US culture in recent years. With policymakers and legislators seemingly unable to find ways to limit the availability of automatic assault weapons, another way to approach the problem may be innovations in the concealed weapon detection through new technology.

With a fixed installation at a secure facility, perimeter controls require costly operator manpower and can be avoided during a dedicated assault. Individual screening with equipment that employ millimeter bandwidth scans are slow and prone to operator errors or false-positive results along with increasing privacy concerns. Expensive and slow, increased deployment of large fixed detection equipment will inevitably shift threats to “softer” less secure targets.

Patriot One Technologies’ solution claims to be a “first-of-its-kind” Cognitive Microwave Radar – a concealed weapon detection system to combat active shooter threats before they occur. While microwave radars have been in military service for years, they have not been widely deployed in commercial or consumer applications because of expense until now.

Designed for cost-effective deployment in weapon-restricted buildings and facilities, the Patriot One software solution and related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises, according to

The company partnered with researchers from Canada’s McMaster University to develop a solution that employs near field radar in a manner that addresses several requirements: Reasonably priced, small, covertly located, simple to operate, safe to health, have an intelligent yes/no decision making capability, and possess a low false alarm rate, according to their website.