New Non-Jamming Counter-UAV System


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Drones pose a present and evolving danger to people and property. New solutions are needed to mitigate threats in the skies over critical environments and operations. A collaboration between two companies has yielded a new technology in the counter-UAV field.

Gryphon Sensors, a supplier of intelligent drone detection and safe UAV airspace integration solutions, has partnered with WhiteFox Defense Technologies (WhiteFox), a drone analytics and mitigation provider to create an RF-based sensor-driven system provides an industry leading unclassified and exportable counter-UAV system, as reported by

Under this partnership, Gryphon Sensors is integrating WhiteFox’s non-jamming, non-kinetic mitigation and analysis capabilities with its Skylight system.

The Skylight system uses multiple ground-based sensors to detect cooperative and non-cooperative targets in the airspace, providing intelligent situational awareness for integration and security. Skylight combines multiple technologies to provide the most comprehensive, clear airspace picture, according to the company’s website.

The system includes acoustic, passive RF, ground radar and camera multisensor array.

The mobile version features an array of self-contained sensors, it serves as a complete mobile command center for many applications. Contained in a sleek, rugged van, Mobile Skylight features 4×4 off-road capability.

Adding WhiteFox’s mitigation and analytic capabilities to Skylight creates a technically capable and robust counter-UAV solution anywhere.

According to Whitefox website, their core counter-sUAV technology is adaptable and customizable to fit into whatever form factor best fits the mission problem set. The DroneFox system offers two distinct solutions for mobile operations and protection of vulnerable facilities.