Riot Control Vehicles

Vehicles designed for carrying dogs

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Crisis situations involving great masses and unusually large concentrations of forces may stem from protests and security demonstrations involving economic, ethnic, or politically motivated events.  These ‘heated’ events will generally require the quick intervention of national or local police and military forces in order to restore order and control while yielding the minimum number of casualties possible for either side.

Vehicles for transport of detainees
Vehicles for transport of detainees

Operational experience has shown that as the number of casualties grows larger or more severe, the intensity of the conflict increases with no results achieved. Studies of such conflicts has determined that the best means to deter or control such events  necessitates the use of relatively ‘soft’ though firm measures.

There is a considerable array of special vehicles that have been designed for use in handling large crowds or demonstrations and which also provides a very wide range of platforms offering mobility and interesting means for non-lethal crowd control.  Among these vehicles may be found the following examples:

–          Vehicles for the transport of large numbers of police assault forces along with their equipment which are designed to deliver them quickly in order to secure the  areas of conflict.

–          Special vehicles bearing a water cannon and reservoir designed for use in breaking through barriers and barricades for the purpose of dispersing protesters and demonstrators.  Other variations of these vehicles exist which support tear gas guns.

–          Animal transport vehicles designed to carry dogs and which offer sophisticated and proper environmental conditions under which the dogs are required to work.

–          Takeover vehicles which were designed for the specific take over of multi storied buildings and facilities and include sophisticated hydraulic climbing surfaces.

כלי רכב המיועדים לנשיאת כלבים
Transport vehicles designed to carry dogs

–          Transportation vehicles designed for the transport of detainees, police personnel or security guards. These vehicles are armor protected against weapons and possible violent penetration.

In todays modern and technologically advanced world, the automotive industry continues to develop platforms designed for the handling of large crowds while supporting a wide range of non-lethal methods for use in crowd control. The motivation behind the wide spectrum of options and solutions being offered and developed is to minimize the number of unnecessary casualties in any given situation.

Vehicles for transport of police assault frces
Vehicles for transport of police assault forces

By Eyal Avidov

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