How to Guarantee Precise Sniper Accuracy from Any Helicopter?

precise sniper accuracy

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A technology originally developed for law enforcement missions has been adopted by special operations forces. The new gyro-stabilized platform supplies the rifle and scope precise sniper accuracy from any helicopter, watercraft, or vehicle. 

The Talon high precision stabilized sniper weapon system, developed by Paradigm SRP, is a compact man-portable (29kg) platform designed to stabilize sniper weapon systems, allowing precise engagements of point targets out to 650m and beyond for 7.62x 51mm weapons.

The marksman can operate the Talon from a hand controller with an integrated HD color monitor and fire control system. Laser range and inclination data are overlaid directly to the hand controller’s monitor, according to the company’s website.

An aerial demonstration reported by consisted of equipping the Talon with an HK417 and mounting it – via its universal mounting plate – in the side door of a commercial helicopter. The same design flexibility also facilitates both maritime and ground vehicle applications.

Originally developed with a vision toward tactical law enforcement applications, the immediate customer response came from the armed forces – international special operations, as the early adopters of what represents a paradigm shift in tactics and doctrine, says the company. They added that ‘some international customers’ said that their best-trained snipers could only make aerial shots at 100-150m, while Talon moved those shots beyond 650m, well outside any effective AK-47 range capabilities of the possible target.