The answer is at hand but airlines are still exposed

The answer is at hand but airlines are still exposed

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16579930_sThe airlines will not install systems aimed at defeating shoulder launched missiles. This – in spite of the fact that this threat grew dramatically. An expert in the aviation security field said that “tens of thousands” shoulder launched missiles found their way from the Libyan army arsenal to the hands of terrorists after the revolution in this country.

The expert said that the airlines will not be able to bear the financial burden of installing the systems.

In the meantime VIP aircraft and mission aircraft like aerial rueful leers and EWES aircraft are being equipped.

Elbit systems has developed the most advanced system that can  avert an incoming shoulder launched missile. The company’s C-music has been installed on mission aircraft and on some VIP aircraft.

Dan Slasky the VP of Elop, Elbit Systems’ subsidiary, confirmed that currently there are negotiations about some more contracts. The Italian Air Force is also equipping its fleet with the system. Currently it is being installed on the Italian C-130, C-27and transports and the AW101 helicopter.  Also, Israeli airlines are going to install soon the Elbit system.