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The Russian corporation Rostec has recently showcased a new battle suit called the Ratnik-3, which reportedly uses a nuclear blast resistant watch.

According to a statement released by the press office, the Chief Designer for the Life Support System of the Soldier Combat Outfit at the Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, Oleg Faustov, says “The watch, which we have included in the Ratnik outfit, retains its properties upon the impact of radiation and electromagnetic impulses, for example, upon a nuclear blast.”

The watch also features a self-winding mechanism and operates under water.

According to, other perks of the 59 items included in the suit are:

  • A powered exoskeleton, which is said to give soldiers greater strength and stamina;
  • The latest in bulletproof body armor tech;
  • A full face-covering visor and helmet equipped with a heads-up display (HUD).

According to, the weight of the completed combat gear will be reduced by 30% when it is released for use in the field. The Ratnik 3 is expected to be ready for use by 2022.