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The United Kingdom will purchase Israeli missile defense shield based on Iron Dome to protect Falklands for £78 million. The Sky Sabre system, which uses the technology behind Israel’s pioneering Iron Dome mobile air defense system, is capable of intercepting short-range rockets and artillery shells and will strengthen air defenses around the South Atlantic territory, according to the

The cutting-edge kit uses radar to track missiles, then software to predict the rocket’s path before deploying an interceptor missile to blow up the enemy weapon mid-air.

The command-and-control network will update outdated systems already stationed on the long-disputed Falkland Islands. reports that the command and control system is produced by mPrest for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

A UK Ministry of Defense spokesperson said: ‘Following an open competition, we selected Rafael.. to provide the main computer system which will link our radars and new Land Ceptor launchers together to boost our defense of the Falkland Islands.”

Natan Barak, mPrest President and CEO, told “You have to identify, as fast as you can, which object is in the air, whether it is Great Britain’s or something else, and see if it is a threat”. “It also has to be capable of integrating with launchers and missiles. Our system is capable of doing this very fast. We are going to be part of the NATO network and we are going to integrate our system with Britain’s command and control system.”

In addition to defense systems, mPrest develops solutions in the IoT field. The company will showcase its innovative products at the forthcoming iHLS Conference and Exhibition IoT 2017. The event that will be held on December 25th, 2017 at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion will serve as a meeting point to all the leading members of the IoT ecosystem in Israel and abroad: experts, industries, startups and entrepreneurs, integrators, and officials from the defense and security, law enforcement and first responders sectors, and many more.  

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