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Some people consider IoT (the Internet of Things) as the next industrial revolution. The connected devices networks present in all aspects of life and in all sectors have become part of a technological drive encompassing developers, entrepreneurs, industries, integrators, etc. around the globe.

To the leading IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition

Smart city is one of the sectors where IoT applications have achieved impressive records. IoT technologies supply the foundations to the smart city, that manages security, transportation and smart traffic, infrastructures, energy, education and sanitation using interconnected digital devices and networks, in order to supply more rapid and efficient services to the citizens and the local authorities and enable real-time communication. IoT systems supply the platforms for the wired and wireless communications, the connected cameras and sensors, the municipal command centers’ command and control systems, and more.

In the business sector, IoT systems dramatically improve systems and procedures and supply solutions for increasing efficiency, cost reductions and better services to customers in all fields – retail, industry, communications, etc.

Defense industries and platforms in the security and homeland security spheres use IoT systems for various applications – connected sensor infrastructures for border and vital infrastructure security, smart management of military bases and logistics, and even personal gear such as wearable technologies on the battlefield or electronic monitoring devices for law enforcement.

Cybersecurity companies have been an integral part of this widespread IoT industry, supplying secure solutions against the vast array of threats which the devices and infrastructures are exposed to, from the end user to the cloud.

System integrators, companies specializing data analysis and the management of big data, as well as communications platforms, have all fulfilled a major role in the integration of the new IoT capabilities with traditional systems, the coordination of all the systems order to enable the efficient operation of infrastructures.

The latest technological innovations in the IoT field in defense, security and law enforcement, smart city/safe city, etc. will be the focus of the leading forthcoming conference and exhibition on IoT, organized by iHLS.

IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition that will be held on December 25th, 2017 at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion will serve as a meeting point to all the leading members of the IoT ecosystem in Israel and abroad: experts, industries, startups and entrepreneurs, integrators, and officials from the defense and security, law enforcement and first responders sectors, and many more.  

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