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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been vastly changing safety and security capabilities. By harnessing interconnected technologies and incorporating machine learning and advanced monitoring analysis, police, military and security forces are deploying IoT solutions to protect citizens and property and regulate circumstances that were once thought beyond control or measure.

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A new partnership in this field would significantly benefit law enforcement and the military in tracking weapons. IoT technology company GTX Corp has recently partnered with Garrison Defense to incorporate GTX’s GPS tracking technology into Garrison’s new ArmaTrak solution, an intelligent firearm tagging and tracking system that will provide law enforcement and military personnel with real-time weapons accountability through central monitoring portal and app.

As reported by the system will provide movement and real-time location updates via a cellular network for weapons in the field. The system will also allow for comprehensive firearms inventory tracking where added notification can announce boundary limit triggers, low battery warnings and other predetermined criteria.
GTX was recently awarded a contract from the US Air Force. The company is supplying Edwards Air Force Base with specially-designed non-cellular GPS equipment used to monitor human and non-human assets in remote areas with poor cellular coverage. The devices designed for the Air Force by GTX are also fully encrypted and able to send latitude and longitude updates in real-time. Those same devices are enclosed in a military-grade encasement with the system consisting of transportable GPS trackers and repeaters, which will be strategically installed throughout the base.
Besides working with the military and law enforcement, GTX IoT devices include flagship GPS Smartsole product, which is a smartphone-connected GPS tracker embedded in the insole of a shoe. The technology is designed for remotely monitoring aging seniors.
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