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HG2 Emergency Lighting, which manufactures innovative equipment for first responders and law enforcers, has announced the release of new HG2 products with the implementation of the HG2 Z-Drive Technology.

According to, the new technology allows for increased customization, utility in abstract locations on vehicles, and overall specific and pinpoint precision for lighting array and visibility. With a micro-controller integrated into the housing, now no longer requiring a separate controller, this innovation is unparalleled within the industry and is sure to influence many other products in its wake.

Among the new products are The HG2 Rear Tahoe Tailgate, the world’s only OEM factory replacement rear lighting solution, is perfectly sized and does not require any modification or special application. This one-piece tailgate utilizes the flush design of tailor-made optics that result in a totally covert appearance.

Another development is the company’s new slide runners. They have the smallest footprint and housing of any product in the industry. It’s modern, modulated appearance adapts to the latest high-end features including dual-color override with flood and takedown capabilities.

The HG2 MirrorZ Series is another addition utilizing the new technology, it’s a unique replacement to the vehicle’s original mirror housing, taking advantage of industry leading 3D printing capabilities.