Knives on passenger aircraft – under heavy attack

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4415404_sIsraeli security experts continue to criticize the new security regulation in the U.S allowing knives on planes. “This in some scenarios might increase the risk to other passengers and crew members” one of them said.

Under rules slated to take effect April 25, knives with blades that are 2.36 inches or shorter and less than a half inch wide will be allowed in airline cabins as long as the blade is not fixed or does not lock into place. Hockey sticks and golf clubs will also be allowed.

Critics include the airline industry trade association, Airlines for America, which issued a statement saying additional discussion is warranted before the rules take effect. The plan was also criticized by Richard Anderson, chief executive officer of Delta Airlines, and several members of Congress including New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer.

The transport security agency (TSA) hopes that 1 in 4 airline passengers will qualify for expedited screening, up from 1 in 12 last year.