New Vessel to Secure Offshore Gas Installations

gas installations

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Securing offshore oil and gas installations, which can represent a strategic target for enemies, requires a wide array of advanced systems. Gas discovery in the Mediterranean sea during the last years increases the risk in areas of conflict.

Israel Shipyards launched a new vessel in Haifa, which will soon be handed to the Cyprus Navy. The vessel is designated to defend gas installations in the economic waters of Cyprus.

According to the company’s announcement, the new defense vessel, launched by the name of P61, is part of the new advanced line of the Israel Shipyards’ littoral defense vessels.

The vessel’s length reaches 62 meter, its speed is 32 knots (some 60 km per hour) and it is equipped with the most advanced systems for defense and navigation as well as long duration stay at sea.

Among the systems assembled on board the vessel are two Typhoon cannon systems manufactured by Rafael Advanced Systems, as well as a new surface and air radar. 30 Cypriot crewmen will be deployed on the ship which will cruise along Cyprus’ shores in order to defend the country’s maritime gas installations.

The project is evaluated by some dozens of millions of euro.